DIY : Glitter boots

december 2, 2012

Most of you know the glitter boots. Everywhere you see those shoes in the shops, boots, heels or loafers.
I loved them ever since I saw the glitter boots a few months ago but I dont want to give a lot of money to buy some boots. These shoes I don’t wear so much, therefore the DIY.

What you need:  a pair of boots, glitter, strong transparant glue, transparant( white) lacquer, brush
( not on the picture)
Put the glue on the shoe, try to spread it even with the brush and than just sprinkle the glitters on the top of it. I did this on the newspaper to prevent the glitters going everywhere. When you’re done with the whole shoe, then you need to spray on the glitters, to prevent the glitters falling of the shoes
Et voila. My new glitter boots..♥

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