How to wear : The leather pants

januari 13, 2012
Today I’ll show how you can wear a leather pants
The leather pants is one of my favorite garments that I have.
It is very easy to combine with a beautiful blazer.
You can wear the leather pants, chic or strudy . I’ll let you see a number of outfits, how I wear a leather pants, of course, there are multiple possible combinations.

For a warm winter look do you wear a beautiful coat, classic leather gloves, hat and stylisch it-bag.

1. Strudy

2. Chique

3. At Work


5. Sexy-vintage

Dear readers.
Tell me what your Favorites combi is.
I think it’s fine to know tell me ,also what you Favorites combi is how you know a leather pants wearing

so I can wear it also appears on another way.

Bye ♥, have a nice day.
♥ Annemieke

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