Queensday inspiration

Every year on the 30 april celebrate people in The Netherlands Queensday. It’s the birthday of or queenmom.
Next Tuesday 30 april is in The Netherlands our last Queensday. The whole country wears red, white, blue and orange, This day is extra special because our Queen Beatrix resigns the throne and her son Willem Alexander will be or new King. His woman Maxima will be or new Queen.
How exciting is this!

For this special day we need a good look. So I made this beautiful inspiration for the people they don’t know what to wear!




♥ Annemieke




april 28, 2013 bij 6:25 pm

Super leuke inspiratie!


april 28, 2013 bij 6:32 pm

Leuke inspiratie, die all stars zijn er mooi!

april 28, 2013 bij 7:19 pm

Wauw, wat een prachtige foto's zeg! Ik vind de all stars heel tof 🙂

xo The Daily Fashion Drug

april 28, 2013 bij 7:36 pm

Ik heb die All Stars, haha! 🙂

Xx Alex

april 29, 2013 bij 8:04 pm

This is really exciting! I will watch it tomorrow for sure!!! You are so lucky to have such a beautiful couple and such a charming princess/queen! Love, Kyra


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